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Dr. Tugay Ayasan
Dr. Tugay Ayasan
Dr. Engineer, Feeds and Animal Nutrition
East Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute Turkey

He is a Dr. Engineer of East Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute, Adana-TURKEY. He is a Dr of zoo technician. He is the Division of Feeds and Animal Nutrition Head. He has received the Ph.D. degree from Cukurova University Agricultural Faculty, Department of Animal Science (TURKEY) in 2004. He formerly worked 5 years (1995-2000) as a Research Assistant at Cukurova University, Agricultural Faculty Dept. of Animal Science, Div. of Feeds and Animal Nutrition. His major subject is poultry nutrition, but he can review silage quality and ruminant nutrition articles (cow nutrition, heifer nutrition, sheep and goat nutrition and veterinary). He is the author of more than 114 scientific articles and the reviewer of more than 862 (eight hundred sixty-two) scientific articles and he has got two BEST REVIEWER AWARDS. And he’s one among the editors of five Scientific journals.

Research Interest

Nutrition, Animal Production, Dairy Science, Dairy Cattle Nutrition

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